Le Chaume 2020

Frontenac gris : 47%
Pinot gris : 27%
Prairie star : 24%

Alcohol level (%): 12.9%

Residual sugar: 1.4g/L

Total acidity: 5.6g/L

The Chaume is a fruit-forward white wine that will seduce you with its tropical fruits and brioche aroma. Don’t be fooled by its light yellow hue; the Chaume will awaken your pallet with its bold and complex flavours that linger in your mouth.

The Chaume is perfect for enjoying on its own or also to accompany your favourite fish. A great wine to drink while eating sushi!


La Mansarde Réserve 2020

Frontenac blanc : 85%
St-Pépin : 15%

Alcohol level (%): 13.5%

Residual sugar: 2.8g/L

Total acidity: 5.6g/L

The Mansarde Reserve (Organic) is a white wine with a rich, brilliant yellow hue. You will find aromas of white-fleshed fruits and white flowers while being enveloped by its full-body, complex flavour profile that ends with delicious notes of vanilla. Overall it is a well-balanced wine!

It goes very well with seafood, fish, shellfish or goes perfectly with fine cheese at the table. It can also hold up to a hearty, creamy pasta dish or a risotto!


Le Clos de France 2020

Chardonnay : 100%

Alcohol level (%): 12.8%

Residual sugar: 1.8g/L

Total acidity: 5.8g/L

This Quebec Chardonnay has a brilliant yellow hue and is distinguished by its aroma stone fruit and tropical fruits. It is beautifully balanced, delicate and refreshing.

It works well with grilled fish, on seared scallops, poultry and hard cheese.