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Le Chaume 2022

certified organic

Frontenac gris : 50%
St-Pépin : 35%
Pinot gris : 15%

Alcohol content: 12.38%
Residual sugar: 2.3 g/l
Acidity: 5.33 g/l

White wine with a beautiful straw yellow color with aromas of tropical fruits.
The mouth is delicious and concentrated on notes faithful to the nose.

We love it as an aperitif but can just as well accompany a cheese platter, delicate fish or sushi.


La Mansarde réserve 2022

certified organic

Frontenac blanc : 100%

Alcohol content: 12.01%
Residual sugar: 2.4g/l
Total acidity: 5.619g/l

White wine offering a beautiful complexity, the mouth is ample, long and round.
Gourmet wine with aromas of tropical fruits on notes of pineapple.
The fruit is ripe and consistent which is gives it its powerful but noble character.

A wonderful accompaniment to a tasty hard cheese, oily fish or a dish with a creamy sauce (pasta carbonara, Alfredo, etc.)


Le Clos de France 2022

certified organic

Chardonnay : 100%

Alcohol content: 12.62%
Residual sugar: 1.5 g/l
Acidity: 4.77 g/l

Fine and delicate wine that offers notes of white-fleshed fruits. The palate is fine and long, supple and reveals the unique character of a chardonnay produced in a northern climate.

It will seduce you as an aperitif or at the table to accompany white fish, grilled poultry or lobster. It is particularly suitable for refined dishes.