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Hortensias 2023

IGP Wine of

Pinot Noir : 53%
Swenson White : 47%

Alcohol level (%): 12,5%

Residual sugar: 2,8 g/l

Total acidity: 6,03g/l

A rosé wine with a pale pink color, limpid and clear. Fresh and long on the palate, its strawberry notes, enveloping texture and finish are sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Aperitif, grilled meats, duck confit salad, grilled Haloumi, grilled vegetables.


Delphinium 2022

Pinot Noir, Louise Swenson

Alcohol content (%): 12.3%

Residual sugar: 2.1g/L

Total acidity: 6.28g/L

Pétillant Naturel rosé characterized by its original, intense, luminous pink color and powerful aromas of strawberry candy and citrus fruit. This wine is dry and fresh. On the palate, it’s an explosion of red berries. Its bubbles are abundant, fine and delicate.

If it’s ideal as an aperitif, it also goes very well with a charcuterie dish, white fish with tomatoes or a dark chocolate dessert. Serve well chilled.