Le Sieur Rivard Réserve 2019

Lucy Kuhlmann, Baco Noir

Alcohol level (%): 12.9%

Residual sugar: 4.4g / L

Total acidity: 6.05g / L

Wine with slightly purplish reflections which has aromas of black fruits, plums, kirsch and spices. In the mouth, the tannins are present but well integrated, we perceive the fruity side as well as a touch of vanilla and wood. A delicate wine with a beautiful structure.

A delicate wine with a beautiful structure. We appreciate it with grilled meat (very rare) cooked on charcoal like a lamb chop or a beef rib.In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Le Sieur Rivard Sélection 2019

Frontenac Noir, Petite Perle, Baco Noir

Alcohol level (%): 12.4%

Residual sugar: 3.9g / L

Total acidity: 6.79g / L

This red wine with purplish reflections presents aromas of small black fruits, such as blackberry and blackcurrant on spicy notes of black pepper.
The intensity of the fruit that bursts in the mouth makes it a smooth wine, very pleasant and easy to drink. We find a lot of freshness and discreet tannins.

Enjoy lightly chilled with a plate of charcuterie, barbecued meat and sausages, or medium-spicy dishes such as chicken with paprika.