Le Chaume 2019

Frontenac Gris, Prairie Star, St-Pépin

Alcohol level (%): 12.6%

Residual sugar: 1.5g / L

Total acidity: 5.69g / L

With its pale yellow color, this wine has aromas of yellow apples, pears and small white flowers.
This freshness in the mouth develops on aromas of tropical fruits complemented by some light floral notes on the finish.

Its balance, simplicity and richness make it a perfect light wine to accompany seafood and oily fish. This wine is also very suitable as an aperitif with your appetizers.

La Mansarde Réserve 2019

Frontenac White

Alcohol level (%): 12.1%

Residual sugar: 1.6g / L

Total acidity: 6.19g / L

A very beautiful golden color and sustained with an aromatic nose of citrus fruits, pears and pineapple make all the charm of this white wine.
In the mouth, it is characterized by a beautiful roundness and a creamy texture. The aromas are faithful to the nose, we appreciate the well-developed fruity side which ends with pretty citrus notes.

At the table, it goes very well with seafood, fish, shellfish or goes perfectly with fine cheese.

Le Clos de France 2019


Alcohol level (%): 12.4%

Residual sugar: 1.2g / L

Total acidity: 6.08g / L

This Quebec Chardonnay with a light and brilliant yellow color is distinguished by its aromas of ripe pears, tropical fruits and almonds.
The notes of exotic fruits emerge when tasting this fresh, light and well-balanced wine with great subtlety. It also has a nice roundness and its finish is long and persistent.

It works well with grilled fish, on seared scallops, poultry and hard cheese.